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Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with Hepatitis C?

A diagnosis of Hepatitis C can be scary and overwhelming. SEI GASTRO is here to help you! We are prepared to discuss concerns you may have about Hepatitis C and will provide you with comprehensive education about the virus, treatment options, and ways to maintain or improve your liver health.

Our liver team has treated Hepatitis C for over 10 years with a high success rate. We offer the state of the art treatment for Hepatitis C. Cure rates can exceed 80% depending the genotype of Hepatitis C and the amount of liver damage you have experienced.

Not all patients with Hepatitis C qualify for treatment or desire to have treatment. We will provide you with a personalized evaluation of your specific health risks and concerns in order to recommend the most appropriate treatment with the highest chance of cure. Should you qualify for and choose to receive treatment for Hepatitis C we will closely monitor your health and response to Hepatitis C therapy to ensure that your treatment is effective, safe, and well tolerated.

We have supported, encouraged, and provided curative treatment to many wonderful people throughout Southeastern Indiana. Our nurse practitioner Lora Fathauer completed her Doctorate of Nursing Practice at Indiana University. For two years of her doctorate training she designed a unique and highly effective system of care for managing patients with Hepatitis C in our office. She is the only person to graduate with this doctorate from IU who specializes in Hepatitis C treatment. If you desire a consultation to discuss your options for eradicating Hepatitis C, please call our office and schedule an appointment with Lora. You will be warmly greeted upon your arrival to the clinic by Candace, our highly skilled medical assistant who partners with Lora to ensure our patients with Hepatitis C are provided the best treatment experience possible.

If you are serious about making healthy changes to your life so that you can get rid of Hepatitis C we would love to help you win the battle against Hepatitis C!