Tattoos carry an increased risk of Hepatitis C.  This study is consistent with our findings at SEI Gastro.  If you have a tattoo or have used injectable drugs you have an increased risk of Hepatitis C.     Blogged by:  Dr. Pletcher
Hepatology 2013; Advance online publication

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is more common in people who have had a tattoo, research shows.

Significantly, this relationship held true in patients without other risk factors for infection, such as a history of blood transfusion or injection drug use.

"These findings have important implications for screening non-injection drug users in the United States, particularly since the prevalence of tattooing is on the rise and intravenous drug use is on the decline," say Fritz Francois (New York University, USA) and colleagues.

The study included 1930 patients with chronic HCV infection and 1941 HCV-negative controls.

Injection drug use (64.9 vs 17.8%) and blood transfusion prior to 1992 (22.3 vs 11.1%) were both significantly more common in HCV-positive patients than HCV-negative patients, as expected.