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Colonoscopy Might Save Your Life.  

1 out of 20 people will develop colon cancer.


Colon cancer is a subject most of us would like to avoid.  It won't seem important unless it happens to you.  The good news is that modern colonoscopy is painless and can significantly reduce your risk of getting cancer.  

Everyone should have a screening colonoscopy by age 50.  Afro-Americans should be screened by age 45.  If no polyps are found on colonoscopy and risk factors are low, a repeat colonoscopy is not needed for 10 years!

If polyps are found a followup colonoscopy is recommended in 3-5 years if there was complete clearance of all polyps.  If first degree relatives have had early colon, uterine or ovarian cancer a person might need to have their colon screened as early as age 20 or 30.  



To schedule a colonoscopy or inquire further call 812 372-8680.  Most insurances do not require a physician referral for colonoscopy.